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Garry House & Associates has provided a tool to assist you in assessing the culture of your dealership (or department). Unfortunately, this tool cannot be accessed from our mobile-friendly site.

Click on the icon below to begin your 50-item cultural survey using this Microsoft Excel application:





Simply place an "x" in the circle that best describes how you feel the statement to the left relates to your dealership (or department).

After completing the survey, total the number of times you "agreed" with the statements to the left.

  • If your total is 45 or more, you have what GH&A considers to be a strong culture, however, we encourage you to address those areas in which you did not "agree."

  • If your total is 35 - 44, GH&A considers your culture to be average. We suggest that you immediately focus on improving those areas in which you did not "agree."

  • If your total is below 35, GH&A believes that your culture requires a "make-over." Failure to address those areas in which you did not "agree" will have a negative effect on employee retention, productivity, sales and gross profit performance, short-term profitability, and long-term growth.

Cultural Assessment Tool

If you think you might need help in dealing with any areas of cultural deficiency, don't hesitate to give us a call. Please refer to the "Contact Us" Tab beneath the Connect with Garry button on the main menu. You'll be glad you did! There will be no charge for our initial conference. Remember, GH&A always provides Value First! 

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