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So, You'd Like to Enhance Your Compensation Strategy?

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The retail automobile business has changed dramatically over the last ten years, and many dealers recognize that their traditional pay plans no longer effectively support the culture and processes they are attempting to install and instill. If you are one of those dealers and are wondering how to deal with the uncomfortable prospect of implementing needed changes in sales, management, and/or administrative compensation, Garry House & Associates Co. will very capably assist you with this challenge.

Although our industry abounds with qualified management consultants, Garry House is one of the only subject matter experts specializing in compensation analysis, planning, and application. And unfortunately most dealership organizations do not have the internal resources with the know-how to deal with the necessary compensation changes.


Garry’s complete client list of dealerships and dealer groups demonstrates his experience in this very specialized consulting area. We expect and welcome your due diligence.


We have provided a lot of tools, specializing in Dealership Compensation Planning, Implementation, and Management, to help you improve your Operational and Financial Performance. Please browse through, and view the numerous services and products available from our company.

When you're ready, give Garry a call to discuss your needs! You'll be glad you did! Your only investment is your time on the telephone. That's Right...there will be no charge for our initial conference. Remember, GH&A always provides Value First! 


Our Current Mission


To provide the client with sound, customized, results-oriented Compensation Plans that fit the culture of the individual dealership and match the benchmarks (or internal guidelines) mutually established by the client-dealer and GH&A.

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