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Why You need Us!


Changes in compensation plans are fraught with trauma, not only for the employee, but also for the employer. No pay plan can be designed to last forever. No pay plan is a substitute for sound management; but the right pay plan, coupled with the right management focus, will produce the desired results. Compensation must be based only on those key results areas over which the employee has reasonable control. Compensation plans must be reviewed, and, if appropriate, adjusted to more effectively produce results; these reviews should take place on a regular basis (at least semi-annually).


Compensation Plans do not have to be “simple”; this is not a “simple” business; “simple” pay plans frequently deliver only “simple” results. Compensation plans must be fair (to both employee and employer), clearly communicated, easily understood, and easy for the employee to calculate. Compensation changes for Sales and Management Employees require expertise beyond that possessed by most dealer operators; Garry House & Associates has the required expertise to resolve your compensation challenges.


For the least painful approach to implementing compensation changes for sales and management personnel, contact Garry House at (561) 339-0043 or

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