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“If something needs to be done eventually, it needs to be done immediately!"

Jeremy Foley, Athletic Director, University of Florida


Here's a shocking confession from Garry:


"I get stuck just like everybody else. Despite the image that follows me around, I’m not superhuman. I may have more mental models about business that make me more effective than the majority. And I may have experienced success at a level greater than the norm. But I can still get stuck just every other businessman on the planet."


"The big difference is that when I do, I know how to get unstuck fast. And one of my big secrets for doing that is contacting someone from whom I have been, or am being, mentored (or both). This is what I call my collaborative circle”. These are mentors that I connect with on a regular basis. And especially when I’m facing a particular challenge."

So please check out the "Select Mentors" tab under "Develop Your SELF" on the main menu bar!

My Improvement Wish List