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If we haven't yet found your hot button for what you would like GH&A to help you improve, please click on, print, and fill out the Excel file below, My Improvement Wish List. Then scan and email your completed copy to

“If something needs to be done eventually, it needs to be done immediately!"

Jeremy Foley, Athletic Director, University of Florida


Here's a shocking confession from Garry:


"I get stuck just like everybody else. Despite the image that follows me around, I’m not superhuman. I may have more mental models about business that make me more effective than the majority. And I may have experienced success at a level greater than the norm. But I can still get stuck just every other businessman on the planet."


"The big difference is that when I do, I know how to get unstuck fast. And one of my big secrets for doing that is contacting someone from whom I have been, or am being, mentored (or both). This is what I call my collaborative circle”. These are mentors that I connect with on a regular basis. And especially when I’m facing a particular challenge."

So please check out the "Select Mentors" tab under "Develop Your SELF" on the main menu bar!

My Improvement Wish List

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