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So, You'd Like To Do a Better Job Communicating With Your Co-Workers and Employees?

Learning to communicate well within a business team is critical to becoming a high performing business. Solid team communication can help you achieve excellent results by focusing everyone on a common goal.

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The following hallmarks of effective business communication can help keep your team's channels of communication flowing smoothly while staying in tune with business communication trends:


Some communications must be presented in written form. 


Communications that have the potential to be either emotionally charged or incredibly detailed will most often be better on paper. If you are worried about emotions getting involved you can take your time to pick your words deliberately, thoroughly revise and edit, and sleep on your thoughts before sending a message. This can help your tongue from getting the better of you in an important correspondence. When conveying the particulars of detailed tasks, it helps to put those details in writing. This ensures that those putting plans into action have specific records of what needs to be done. Specifically we're referring to 1) Company Vision, Values, and Mission, 2) Organization Charts, 3) Dealership Policies and Procedures, 4) Job Descriptions (or Job Objectives), and 5) Documentation of Key Process Steps.

Not verbalizing enough can also be a communication barrier. 


Written communication is great for some things. Some things are just better off spoken. Verbal communication has subtleties like tone and inflection that simply cannot be captured by characters on a computer screen. Jokes and sarcasm are notorious for failing in written form.

Talk through obstacles. 


Not every project will go 100% according to plan. How challenges are handled is crucial to success in individual projects and also a team's success in the long term. Team members can grow impatient or frustrated if they do not understand why another division of the dealership (or department) is not on track. This is one of the classic communication problems in business. It helps to communicate these issues so that teammates don't feel ignored. Just as important, communicating obstacles allows others to help solve a problem.

Play devil's advocate. 


Brainstorming is one of the hallmarks of effective business communication. When communication is flowing at a brainstorm meeting, it is extremely helpful to refine ideas. It helps if your group can recognize the need for a devil's advocate and constructively talk through other points of view. This helps keep the channels of communication from being clogged with "groupthink."

Image depicting Effective Communication

These hallmarks of effective business communication can keep your team running like a finely tuned machine while avoiding the common communication challenges of the business world. If your team is struggling with defining and transmitting expectations, contact GH&A so that we can help you catch up with accountability management trends by incorporating better communication into your dealership organization and culture.

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