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So, You'd Like To Do a Better Job Measuring and Managing Your Key Results Areas (KRAs)?

As Garry House frequently says,


"Accountability Management Mandates That You Cannot Manage Results - Just Activities!  Manage the Activities, and the Results Will Follow!"   

"You must Measure What You Intend To Manage, Inspect What You Expect, and Let Everyone Know the Score!"

When we deal in generalities we will never succeed;  when we deal in specifics we will seldom fail.  When performance is measured, performance improves;  and where performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates!                           

Click through our KRA Measurement and Management Resources and take your team beyond the status quo.

What truly constitutes a performance-driven culture? How does an organization measure—and review—performance in a way that truly benefits the company as well as its employees? The answers to these questions are the difference between an average and an extraordinary business.


"The most successful automotive dealers in the country have one thing in common. They measure ALL their key performance indicators (KPIs) as compared to their related Best Practice Guidelines (BPGs)...they regularly inspect these KPIs / BPGs…they very visibly post these KPIs / BPGs for all to see, and then they let the egos take over.  These dealers KNOW that, if they are disciplined to do THESE THREE THINGS, the performance of their store(s) will improve…even if they and their managers may not effectively practice accountability management elements 1, 2, 4, and 5."                                 Garry House                                                  


As an example, following are the primary Service Department KPIs that GH&A believes should be measured, inspected, and score-boarded.

Chart depicting the 20 Dealership Service Department Key Performance Indicators that should be regularly measured

If you think you should be doing a better job of Measuring, Inspecting, and Score-Keeping (and Score-Boarding), GH&A would be more than happy to assist. Just give Garry a call at (561) 339-0043 to discuss what you ought to be doing and how. No charge for the telephone conference! Remember: GH&A always provides Value First!


Unless you are on our mobile-friendly web site, we welcome you to click on any of the Microsoft Excel icons below if you would like to demo a few of the GH&A Measurement, Inspection, and Score-Keeping applications.

Dealership Daily Scorecard

Service Advisors' Daily Scoreboard

Managers' Meeting Report Template

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