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“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you’ve always known you could be.”                                                Tom Landry

Are you doing more—and getting less done? Is your business a well-oiled machine...spinning its wheels at breakneck speed — and getting nowhere? Do you feel trapped under email and paperwork? Are you caught up in a spiral of busywork and emergencies? Are your people holding you hostage to their agendas? Do your employees suck up your time and energy instead of giving you the freedom to pursue your goals? What were those goals anyway?? Are you feeling stuck? Why don't you stop what you're not doing and get unstuck?

As the leader of your business, you make the decisions. But how are those decisions made? Do you know what's really going on in your business? Do you have a firm grip on the numbers? Nobody can be the perfect Dealer Principal, General Manager, General Sales Manager, Fixed Operations Director, and Chief Financial Offficer all at the same time. But if you're like most dealerships we work with, you're filling multiple roles, some better than others.

A mentor can help you function better as a business owner, and as the leader of your team. You need to make crucial decisions, and mentors can help you make the right ones. Let a mentor guide you in short-term and long-term planning. Both are critical—and the value of an expert mentor at your side is immense. And once your planning is complete, your mentor can function as your dealership GPS, guiding you on your journey to implement and fulfill your plan. Mentor coaching pairs you with an industry expert for one-on-one development to help you transition from the old way you were doing business to the new way you would like to do business. Here are a number of ways a mentor can help you.


  • A mentor will let you test your assumptions. There’s always the option of trial and error to discover what you don’t know. And experience is a great teacher. In fact, it may be the best way to learn. But you don’t always have to travel that road. Especially when your mentor may have similar experience in what you’re trying to do.

  • A mentor will challenge your beliefs. We are powerless against our beliefs. They literally control all our actions by coloring how the world shows up for us. And they are probably the hardest internal obstacle we have to overcome. A powerful, trusted mentor can get you to at least re-think your beliefs when it’s most important.

  • A mentor will help you focus your vision. Face it. Without a clear outcome in mind, you’ll never achieve what you’re after. For the simple reason you’re not clear what your outcome is. But what we call “fuzzy outcomes” is something that can affect all entrepreneurs. It’s too easy to simply shape an attractive end without considering all the details. Your collaborative circle can help you get out of the fog and get laser focused on what you want – and what’s required to get it.


  • A mentor will point out what you’re ignoring. We tend to ignore the things that we don’t want to see. That’s human nature. We don’t see what we don’t want to see, we don’t hear what we don’t want to hear. Rather we see and hear some “version” of that. Ignoring what you simply don’t want to see is a recipe for disaster. One your collaborative circle can keep you out of.


  • A mentor will hold you accountable. This is really important. The human condition is such that you can’t trust yourself to do ANYTHING! You’ll always find an excuse, a reason, a justification for not doing what you say you’ll do. A solid collaborative circle will hold you to account and speed you on your path to achieving your goals.


  • A mentor will help you become more creative. This may sound shocking, but creativity is nothing more than connecting the dots that no one else has…And more dots isn’t always the answer. Often “perspective” trumps how much you know. The more (and more varied) perspective you can have, the more dot’s you can connect. And the more creative you can ultimately be.


  • Finally, a mentor will help you with problem solving. Collective wisdom can be the key to overcoming even the most frustrating, most stymieing, most immovable roadblocks.

Don't you need help? Get traction — and get moving — with the help of Garry House.


Maximize your profitability by working one-on-one with Garry, unquestionably the "Mentoring Marvel" in Retail Automotive, and gain strategic and tactical insights to increase your bottom line. Recharge your life. Get a coach—a mentor who facilitates your getting on the right track. Many top performers have an unbiased coach at their sides. Like a golf coach who can see what's wrong with your swing, or a tennis coach who helps you put more power in your serve, the "Mentoring Marvel" will assess your strengths and show you how to compensate for your weaknesses. Get the help you need to discover your core competencies—those parts of the automotive business that you're great at. Garry can help you develop your capabilities, manage your people better, and work toward a healthy balance between work...and the rest of your life.

Let Garry House be your personal success coach! With the "Mentoring Marvel" at your side, you will get:

  • Guidance on major (and minor) business decisions.

  • Expert recommendations on effectively working with customers, employees, your manufacturer, lenders, and vendors.

  • A clear vision of where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

  • Unbiased feedback on critical issues holding you back, and

  • Clear direction on how to get moving again.


What Does Garry Expect From Those Whom He Mentors?

He expects you to do the work! He doesn't do it for you. The third-base coach doesn't run home for the batter. You have to score yourself!

He expects you to understand that there's no gain without some pain! Nobody ever became a business leader with a 40-hour workweek. Garry teaches the secrets of success to dealership executives who want to make the most of those secrets. They believe in the value of work…and the value of getting the most out of their free time. If you're just looking for a magic bullet, a quick fix, or some magic wand that will solve all your problems—then the
"Mentoring Marvel" isn't for you. Garry only works with dreamers who build and actualize their dreams—not sleep through them.

He expects you to be introspective! This may surprise you, but, often, one of the most gratifying parts of mentoring is showing you the answers you already know! That's right! If you've gotten this far in the retail automotive business, you probably know a lot of the answers. But you're so overwhelmed, overworked, and strained to the max—you need someone to help uncover those answers within you. You just didn't know you knew them!


Our primary mission at Garry House & Associates is to inspire, challenge, and equip dealership senior executives. Our approach is simple, however, it demands commitment and discipline from you. But that's why you've come to this develop the leader within.


As long as you fulfill our expectations, we will accomplish our primary mission.

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