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A prerequisite for becoming a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Dealership Consulting is a clear insight into virtually all areas of the retail automotive business. In his extensive and varied experience in the car business, Garry House has developed this background knowledge. As evidenced by the following publications which Garry has authored over the last several years, he is regarded by many in our industry as being a "Visible Expert" in dealership operations. If you would like to receive PDF copies related to any of this subject matter, please email your request to This web page is not available on our mobile site.

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                It's All About the Numbers!...Understanding the Mathematics of Dealership Sales

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Focus on Vehicle Personalization: “Thar’s Gold in Them Thar Hills”


Focus on Vehicle Personalization (Revisited)

What If…You Could Increase Each Service Technician's Productivity by Just One Hour per Day?

The Structure for Achieving 30% Net-to-Gross

Your Passion Will Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Dealership

Why Not Add a New Profit Component to Your Service Department?

The Importance of Accountability Management

Why Not Focus on Growing Your Business “the Easy Way?”

Are Some of Your Used Vehicle Deals Really “Special”?

The Importance of a Regular Repair Order Analysis Process

The Budgeting and Forecasting Processes

Are You Leveraging Your Salespersons' Circles of Influence?

How Do You Increase Service Department Sales?

Is it Time to Examine the Culture of Your Automotive Dealership?

The Importance of the Used Vehicle "Value Folder"

Calculating the Return on Your Incremental Investments

How to Determine Your Service Labor Sales Potential

Clear Expectations Set the Standard for Dealership Excellence

How to Increase Your Customer R.O. Count (Part 1)

How to Increase Your Customer R.O. Count (Part 2)

Did You Ever Look at Your Service Gross Potential THIS Way?

Are Your Automotive Dealership's Employees Really Engaged? 

Are You Ready for a Disciplined Asset Management Process?

How Should You Pay Service Advisors?

Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

Are You Successfully Utilizing Your SPG/SPS Application?

Managing Change at Your Auto Dealership (Part 1)

Managing Change at Your Auto Dealership (Part 2)

Work Smarter, Not Harder in Your Auto Dealership!

Does Your Dealership Department Have a USP?

Success Comes to Auto Dealers Who Want to Excel

Managing Employee Productivity, Part 1: Service Department

How Many Service Stalls Does Your Service Department Really Need?

Is Raising Your ELR the Right Solution for a Lackluster GPM?

What is Time Management…Really?

Team Selling in the Variable Operating Departments

Executing the Team Sales Process

The Used Vehicle Age Management Process

Are Sales Pay Plans on Your Mind?

Will Activity-Based Compensation Work for You?

If You’re Not In the “AS-IS” Used Vehicle Business, You Should Be!

The Importance of the MPI-ASR Process

What Does the “80/20 Rule” Mean To You?

It's Time to Raise the Bar for Automotive Internet Closing Ratios

Use the Delivery Referral Process to Sell More Cars

How Much Money Did Your Dealership Really Make?


Stop Chasing Shiny Objects!

A Pre-Display Checklist Will Help You Sell More Used Vehicles

Keep Your Month-end Momentum Going With Monthly Kickoff Meetings

Measuring and Managing Your OTDBs (Part 1)

Measuring and Managing Your OTDBs (Part 2)

Measuring and Managing Your OTDBs (Part 3)

Measuring and Managing Your OTDBs (Part 4)

"We Used To Do That!"  

The Changing Role of Used Vehicle Management

Leaders Are Made…Not Born! 

The Used Vehicle Adopt-a-Car Process  

Do You Have a World Class Used Vehicle Operation?

What is Your Dealership's Best Add-on Service and Why?

Where Has All The Automotive Sales Talent Gone? 

Managing Controllable Profitability in Your Automotive Dealership

Use One-on-One Meetings to Manage Employee Expectations

The Importance of Sub-Accounting for Auto Dealerships

When Should You Measure Your KPIs Against Best Practice Guidelines?   

How Many Vehicle Sales Prospects Are in Your Service Department?

Can Your Managers Lead Your Automotive Dealership Forward?

Win Big in Your Dealership with Scorekeeping and Scoreboarding

Are You Ignoring Your Training Needs?

Are You Closing 20% (or More) of Your Internet Leads?

Develop Your Dealership Game Plan Before You Hit the Field

What Do You Do If Your "Rock Star" Producer Wants To Be a Manager?

Who Are (or Were) Your Industry Thought Leaders?

Is Front Gross $PVR Still a Relevant Metric?

Service Incremental Improvement Metrics

New Year’s Resolutions for the Service Manager

Does Your Service Department Have a High-Performance Culture?

The Difference Between ‘Good’ and ‘Great’ Auto Dealers

Vehicle Sales OTDBs in the Service Lane (Part 1)

Do You Have an HR Department at Your Dealership?

Minor Service Department Re-Org Produces 30%+ Fixed NPI

Why Should We Incentivize Behavior?

It's Your Choice to Change!

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