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You need to be working smarter -- not harder.


Many dealership executives are now leading a business life of frustration and long hours. We strive to provide a system that allows smart, but overwhelmed, dealership managers to quickly implement sales and growth strategies, improve profitability, eliminate wasted effort, and put the best possible version of their business on cruise control.

You have a good business. You’ve invested a lot (maybe too much) money and time, you’ve worked hard, and you’re even very profitable. But why aren’t you able to enjoy it more? When will you finally be able to take enough time for yourself?

You want so much more out of your dealership (or department).

Dealerships don’t grow in straight lines headed upward. They grow in stair steps, usually heading down for a period of time before they head back up again. Sometimes they never head back up again. Why is it that the strategies that grew a small business to mid-market, or mid-market to top-market, work in reverse when moving to the next level? GH&A’s professionals know the seasons of business growth and how to plan strategies that address root causes that drive business performance.

If you read business books, you know that it’s easier for a lousy organization to become a great one than for a good one to move to greatness. The only thing worse than a failed business is a complacent one, because complacency soon leads to failure. GH&A specializes in Good-to-Great transformations with three decades of experience, precise, unique, proven strategies, and documented case studies.

​You are not setting clear and precise goals.


​If you know me at all, you know how important I believe it is to have specific, clearly defined goals.

Too often auto dealers and their managers set “fuzzy” goals for themselves. Then they wonder why they never know the exact steps they need to take to achieve them. They wonder why they get lost and never make progress. It’s because they don’t set clear, precise goals.

GH&A will help you develop, implement, and manage a discipline of goal-setting, performance management, and score-boarding for your short-range, mid-range, and long-range objectives.


You need a dealership GPS!

A dealership GPS answers four questions simultaneously:


  • Where am I?

  • Where am I going?

  • What's the best way to get there?

  • When will I get there?


The GPS is the only system today that can show your exact position anytime, in any weather, no matter where you are!

You Need a Map – And Here’s Why…


Navigating profitably is fundamental to our mission. We precisely evaluate each client’s potential as well as the circumstances in the way of fully realizing their capabilities. GH&A then establishes optimal goals in conjunction with charting a course to reach project objectives.


GH&A holds the belief that accountability only exists when it can be measured against progress achieved. Every project’s progress is calibrated in turn-by-turn, milestone-by-milestone increments, while GH&A professionally guides and mentors clients, holding them true to course.

GH&A employs the highest standards in the industry. We demonstrates extraordinary proficiency and hold ourselves measurably accountable via weekly progress reporting. We truly are an instrument with which to navigate and reach a destination of higher profitability.

You're frustrated that your team doesn't get it?

Implementing change is not easy, even if it is best for your team. The "Forgetting Curve" shows that without the proper ongoing coaching and training, 77% of your team will forget what you said in 6 days and 90% will forget in a month (no wonder you have to repeat yourself so much).

Human beings resist change. Most leaders try to implement change intellectually by selling employees on why the new way will be better without engaging the hearts and minds of their people. This is why 70% of change initiatives fail to deliver promised results. 100% of culture based change initiatives succeed.

Today’s dealership managers learn by osmosis, the seat of their pants, the leaders who once lead them, or instinct and happenstance. Unfortunately, few organizations train professional managers any more. As a result, they pay a high price in turnover, under-performing people, and deny that Gallup’s statistics of 70% disengaged employees report to them. GH&A trains excellent managers with proven strategies based on solid principles that produce great results.

Sometimes being too close to the dealership business system makes it harder to see areas of concern. We help you discover where the weak points are in your dealership, develop a solution, and implement the improved process with training and support.

In many dealerships, morale is low, excuses are common, and it's "every man for himself." Perhaps you've tried to rally the troops with brute force or a rallying cry. But threats and pep-talks are only so effective.

There's a science behind motivating your team to act like a team. You need proven processes to motivate and unify your team. And you need a Mentor to facilitate communication, break negative patterns, and get everyone moving together. GH&A will function as that Mentor.


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