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Build Your TEAM

Click through our team development resources above, and take your team beyond the status quo.

We believe that great team leadership begins with excellent self-development. Once you understand the principles of self-leadership, the “Team” element of the leadership process makes sense and offers you clarity as you influence those who depend on your steady leadership. Whether it's supercharging your staff or guiding your marketing strategy, think of us an extension to your team.


We want to sit on the end of your bench!

We align people, teams, and organizations to achieve exceptional performance. We work from the inside out. It starts with each leader in the organization, their effectiveness, and alignment with the organization’s mission, values, and goals. Next, we focus on improving interpersonal relationships, and creating elite teams. Finally, we analyze the organizational people factors that impact performance and design interventions to achieve results.


GH&A helps you educate your team, roll out changes, and make sure the changes are anchored in place. GH&A is focused on team-building. Real teams love working together, because they have more fun, and they get better results together than they do apart. Individuals are willing to sacrifice "self" for the good of the team, because they know this ultimately benefits them more than selfish internal focus. Real teams are created by intent not accident. GH&A can help you build a powerful team that is “on fire” and deeply engaged, comprised of the right personnel, with the right skills. With effective training and management, you can make everyone’s job easier and your company more successful.


Does your dealership hire the right people for the right positions? Do you have smart, hands-on training that coaches employees on reaching their potential? Does your team have clear instruction and powerful direction? If not, GH&A can help you provide it.


Please contact us and explain your current issues with team development. We're certain that we can help you more effectively deal with your challenge.


Call us by referring to the "Contact Us" Tab beneath the Connect with Garry button on the main menu. You'll be glad you did! There will be no charge for our initial conference. Remember, GH&A always provides Value First! 


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