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One of the services that Garry House has always provided (and never charged for) is a Dealership Performance Evaluation, followed by a verbal Executive Brief on the telephone. This comprehensive dealership analysis, furnished to you as a PDF file, provides an in-depth evaluation of transactional quantities, sales dollars, gross profit margins, expense percentages, net profit retention, personnel productivity, and asset utilization. The Executive Brief, following the evaluation and conducted on the telephone using Citrix GoToMeeting technology, answers any questions you may have and also provides specific recommendations for process improvements to increase short-term profitability and long-term growth.

To avail yourself of this FREE Dealership Performance Evaluation and Executive Brief, please call Garry House at (561) 339-0043, and he will instruct you what to send him.

Opportunity Analysis

Click on the PDF file to the right to display a sample of the Dealership Performance Evaluation application developed by Garry House.




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