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Connect With Garry

The Action Buttons above, provide numerous ways for you to learn more about Garry...his personal background, his professional history, his business philosophy, his accomplishments, his publications, and the numerous ways to contact Garry House & Associates Co. and Garry personally. We are apologetic that our mobile-friendly web site does not have the capability of displaying all of the extensive content that is available. 

Garry's Story

"My story is a lot like yours. I hate to lose and love to win. I’m a battle-tested automobile dealer, entrepreneur, and industry executive, committed for nearly six decades to helping others get much more out of their business and their people."

"I’ve been in the shoes of most businessmen and lived in the pain of rotten corporate cultures. I’ve also helped transform them, revamp them, and helped them reach new heights, while saving relationships and growing the top and bottom lines. With over 55 years of experience, I use proven scientific tools, technology, synergistic teamwork, and battle-scarred wisdom to help you get the job done."

"While this truly sets me apart from other trainers and consultants, I like to think it simply gives me an understanding of your unique situation, so that I can help you build and instill the culture that wins, wins, and then wins again. I’ve been doing this for my client-dealers for three decades now, and their victories have been truly glorious!"

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