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Develop Your SELF

Click through our above resources, and take your SELF beyond the status quo.

No matter if you need a fresh perspective on the retail automotive industry’s biggest challenges or are looking for specific step-by-step guidance on the best ways to execute your strategy, we invite you to peruse our resources. Arm yourself with what it takes to drive real business results.

But first, let's discuss what blocks you from performing at your best.

You can take all the steps you want to fix a bad habit. But unless you actually address the underlying causes, the fix will never be permanent. 

Here's the path that we most frequently observe dealership managers must take to address these underlying causes.

  • Get your head straight…

  • Get your planning straight…

  • Get your focus straight and…

  • Get your execution straight.

The primary element in getting your head straight is recognizing that your success is up to you. You, and you alone, are responsible for whatever success you’re achieving right now! Whatever you’re enjoying or struggling with – you DID build that!  And there is an undeniable importance to the word "responsibility." You must take responsibility for your future success. One more important thing about you...and that you alone have to take a hard inventory of…is accountability. Specifically, about your own accountability to YOU!

Your next step on the path is to get your planning straight. Setting goals is paramount. So let's assume that you – as a strategic retail automotive entrepreneur – have got your goals set and written down. And you’ve created a series of action steps that will move you toward that goal. Now what? Well, you know the steps to take that will get you to your goal. But what you still might be uncertain about is how to increase your “velocity” in terms of getting there. How to make sure you’re on track to get to your goals as fast as possible.

The third step is to get your focus straight. This is one of the main reasons you may be stuck or struggling...why you never seem to be able to get the big project complete. Or why you can’t even get it off the ground. The reason you can’t is because of something we don’t like to face. It’s unpleasant. Sometimes even uncomfortable. But you need to face it, if you want to achieve all the goals you set for yourself. We're talking about the F-word now…“Focus.” The world has become a technology-addicted place. The number of distractions that now vie for your attention have multiplied exponentially over the past 10 years. It’s important to understand the toll it’s taken on your ability to focus...and what that lack of focus is actually costing you. Face it, that one big breakthrough that’s waiting for you could simply be on the other side of your inability to focus. Without an ability to focus and take appropriate action, achieving the important goals becomes little more than a fantasy.

The final step is to get your execution straight. And it's critical to understand that desired results occur only when activities, or processes, are habitually performed and flawlessly "executed." So the key is to ensure that these processes are clearly defined, communicated, trained, measured, and score-boarded...and that accountability management is effectively balanced between behaviors, activities, and results. Your strategy, people, and processes need to be effectively linked for true dealership execution excellence. Problems occur when dealership organizations have a brilliant strategy, but fail to execute. Execution excellence is achieved through the precise implementation of two things: 1) Business Alignment - Specific, measurable goals aligned with the organizational strategy, and 2) People Performance - The right people, with the right skills, in the right jobs, doing the right things.

Effectively proceeding on this four step path to getting straight requires leadership. And we believe leadership is a process, not a position. Before you can lead others, you must first lead yourself. If you are interested in becoming a better dealership or department leader, we welcome you to dive into the GH&A programs and resources. Whether you’re a veteran leader or an emerging leader, we’ve got specialized training just for you. Every great business has great leaders. However, 70% of all leaders produce negative, defensive behavior in their people by the way that they lead. Unfortunately, you won’t find any leader who will agree that they are part of this majority. These leaders have no idea that they do this, or how to change the way that they lead to produce more positive results. GH&A Leadership Coaching changes how leaders lead by identifying the root causes of poor leadership and transforming them into powerful strengths that produce great results. Pump up those leadership muscles right in your office. With the kind of access GH&A provides…there's no excuse not to train.


GH&A inspires, challenges, and equips leaders to live out leadership. Our approach is simple, however it demands commitment and discipline. But that's why you've come to this site, correct? To develop the leader within?

We Inspire


To inspire means to urge a person on to do something. It also means to “breathe into.” We aim to do both through the various resources on this website. We want to breathe new life into your leadership, urging you to dig deep and become a difference maker.


We Challenge


We believe leadership is a privilege. It’s also a responsibility. It demands risk and accountability. We’re here to push you out of the box. No one said leading was easy. But you don’t have to do it alone. Let us come alongside you and push you toward "the best you" possible.


We Equip


We’ll never inspire and challenge you without providing you with the knowledge and the tools to live out leadership. It’s why we exist. It’s what we do. It’s how we support your success: by equipping you to take our leadership teachings and apply them to your life. To your team. And to your dealership organization.

If you would like help in Developing your SELF, please call us by referring to the "Contact Us" Tab beneath the Connect with Garry button on the main menu. You'll be glad you did! There will be no charge for our initial conference. Remember, GH&A always provides Value First!

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