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Successful dealerships may recruit, hire and retain good management talent. Once the talent is on board, effective performance management processes must be in place to provide these people with feedback on their work results and to ensure that they are receiving the tools and support to be high achievers. Most performance evaluation methods provide feedback based on defined competencies and goals. These methods may include the use of organizational, job, and personal competencies.

Organizational Competencies Method


Dealership managers typically have core competencies -- skills possessed internally that make the organization employee focused, customer centric, and competitive. Dealers hope to develop and expand these competencies to improve employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and the financial state of the organization. Some examples are communication skills, leadership, critical thinking, and creativity. These competencies should always be included in a performance evaluation process.

Job Competencies Method


Job competencies contain the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively and efficiently perform those activities that lead to achieving organizational goals. Knowledge is what the employee knows about the job function through previous experience or education. Skills are required to perform the job function. Abilities are defined as what is necessary to perform the job. Most dealerships design their evaluation based on these three areas -- knowledge, skills and abilities.

Personal Competencies Method


Personal competencies are what we are born with. We may have a talent for singing and dancing but never work as an entertainer. Dealership managers often recognize what they enjoy and are good at doing. They seek out work that pertains to those competencies. Some examples of personal competencies are planning disciplines, good judgment, being numbers oriented, or a good public speaker. Most dealerships consider personal competencies in their manager evaluation process.

Word cloud depicting the primary elements of Competence

Here's How Garry House & Associates Can Help You Evaluate the Competence of the Managers Within Your Dealership Organization:


Unfortunately, we can’t help you find talented, dedicated, and coachable dealership managers. But Garry House can train them in the specific knowledge and specialized skills required for automotive retail management…and he’ll even test them to make sure they actually know the information and can deliver results for you! Furthermore, he can provide mentoring and coaching to any managers in your organization who have earned that benefit and would welcome it.


As a consultant and trainer for the past thirty years, the number one quality that Garry House looks for in our clients is coachability. In his opinion, coachability is the needed ingredient to excel into greatness. Why would we want to work with a client that is searching for good and not great? Easy answer…we wouldn't, we don't, and we won't! The sky is the limit with a dealership manager that has the desire and willingness to put into play new habits, new ways of thinking, new beliefs...This person has the drive and the ability to let go of the non-working past and trade it in for a new start! As long as the willingness and desire are there, possibilities for world-class performance are endless.


Competence is the need to feel valued as knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced. Managers we are seeking have a powerful need to hone and demonstrate skills, whether technical, interpersonal, or leadership. Opportunities and support to develop and demonstrate competence are powerful internal motivators for almost every dealership manager.

To assist you in evaluating any or all members of your current, or potential, management staff, we have included a Competency Analysis for Automotive Retail Management . Click on the Microsoft Word file below to utilize this application developed by Garry House.                     

Competency Analysis

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