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Talent Management

Generally speaking, a consultant is an individual with vast knowledge and experience in a specific professional field, hired to lend their expertise to clients in need of insight. In the dealership talent management space, this expertise usually touches on the areas of organizational development, training, coaching, and overall business performance.

One of the core reasons that businesses invest in hiring a talent management consultant is for results. Expert consultants such as Garry House will help a dealership to identify inefficiencies,  process gaps, and structural frameworks to improve business performance. They will train leaders to optimize teams and build performance models.

But only if you have the right employees.

That’s the challenge, isn’t it? Not just finding the right people but developing them and keeping them. Talent is your biggest resource — and the scariest variable.


Those who do implement a well-rounded talent management strategy, on the other  hand, consistently see higher business returns across multiple indicators.  According to Bersin by Deloitte, organizations with intermediate or mature talent management processes:

  • see 17% lower voluntary turnover rates;

  • see 41% lower turnover rates among high performers;

  • see 26% higher median revenue per employee;

  • are 109% more capable of retaining high performers;

  • are 87% more capable of “hiring the best people;”

  • are 92% better at “responding to current economic conditions;” and

  • are 144% better at “planning for future talent needs.”


As an experienced automotive retail training and consulting firm, one of the most frequent questions GH&A receives today is, “How do I recruit, develop, and retain a world-class dealership management team?”

Finding good people…people who are not only smart, but who are coachable, dedicated, and really, really hard! Add in the specific knowledge and specialized skills for automotive retail management as a requirement, and it’s nearly impossible to find the “perfect” management candidates...and if you do, you’d better believe they’re going to cost you!
Think about it! The people on your world-class management team must be proficient in at least the following areas:


  • Planning and Budgeting

  • Marketing and Sales Promotion

  • Human Capital Management

  • Customer Access and Management

  • Process Development and Management

  • Sales Management

  • Production and Performance Management

  • Asset Management

GH&A can’t help you find talented, dedicated, and coachable dealership managers. But we can train them in the specific knowledge and specialized skills required for automotive retail management...and we can provide mentoring and coaching to any managers in your organization who have earned that benefit and would welcome it.
The training, mentoring, and coaching services that we now, for the first time, are introducing are unique to the automotive retail community in that:

  • Each engagement is individually customized to the specific needs of the manager involved, and

  • There is no need for the manager to leave the dealership to enjoy this exceptional experience.

All training, mentoring, and coaching is provided “long-distance”, utilizing the technology provided by Citrix GotoMeeting and the desktop or laptop hardware and software normally available to any of today’s dealership managers. Garry House will personally be providing all services, in a One-on-One relationship to your manager, through a mix of telephone calls and eMails, with the aid of resource materials that he has developed or collected over his training and consulting career.

And these services, provided in this manner, will not explode your training budget!

A number of our clients have said, "I wish I knew then what I know now." With the advice and support of a coach or mentor, who is an experienced person in the automotive retail arena, the most common mistakes that we've all made, those that we've seen others make, and those that our managers are likely to make, can be avoided or certainly diminished. Managers will learn how to overcome the stickiest problems and find shortcuts to success. By using Garry House as a trainer or mentor, you can drastically shorten the learning curve of an inexperienced manager.

As a consultant and trainer for the past thirty years, the number one quality that Garry looks for in his clients is coachability. The sky is the limit with a dealership manager that has the desire and willingness to put into play new habits, new ways of thinking, new beliefs. This person has the drive and the ability to let go of the non-working past and trade it in for a new start! As long as the willingness and desire are there, possibilities for world-class performance are endless.

To assist you in evaluating any or all members of your current, or potential, management staff, check out the Competency Analysis for Automotive Retail Management under the "Develop Your SELF" menu heading. This is what I suggest you use to start to determine whether any of the training, coaching, or mentoring services discussed above might be a good fit for you and your organization.

If you would like to discuss developing a customized training, coaching, or mentoring program for yourself or one of your key team members, please call Garry House immediately at (561) 339-0043. You'll be glad you did! There will be no charge for our initial conference. Remember, GH&A always provides Value First!


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