So, You'd Like to Improve Your Dealership

(or Departmental) Processes?

"Sound processes that become disciplined habits produce consistent, predictable results."

                                       Garry House

Unless you are on our mobile-friendly site, we welcome you to click on the PowerPoint icon below to review some of Garry's mandates for the Service Department that delineate several of the more important processes:

Recommended Service Department Processes

Click through the above GH&A resources for Process Development and Review, and take your team beyond the status quo.

Elements of Effective Accountability Management #5:

Develop and implement a systemic structure! (“Dissimilar” people operating within the same systemic structure will produce “similar” results.)

If you feel you need new processes, or better processes, or have experienced process evaporation, please give us a call to discuss your challenges. There's no charge for the phone conference. Remember, GH&A always provides Value First! 

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