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So, You'd Like to Improve Your Dealership

(or Departmental) Processes?

"Sound processes that become disciplined habits produce consistent, predictable results."

                                       Garry House

Click through the above GH&A resources for Process Development and Review, and take your team beyond the status quo.

Elements of Effective Accountability Management #5:

Develop and implement a systemic structure! (“Dissimilar” people operating within the same systemic structure will produce “similar” results.)

Unless you are on our mobile-friendly site, we welcome you to click on the PowerPoint icon below to review some of Garry's mandates for the Service Department that delineate several of the more important processes:

Recommended Service Department Processes

If you feel you need new processes, or better processes, or have experienced process evaporation, please give us a call to discuss your challenges. There's no charge for the phone conference. Remember, GH&A always provides Value First! 

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